Dropbox is the best file sync tool

dropbox_logoDropbox should be every teacher’s best friend. How many times have you needed to print a file only to realize that you forgot your USB drive at home? Tired of having to email files back and forth to yourself from school and home?

Dropbox is exactly the solution you need. Dropbox is a FREE service that requires only that a small application be installed on each of your computers which synchronizes a designated folder’s files. Dropbox works on PC, Mac, and Linux computers and has mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Did I mention that you can access your files on the Dropbox website at any time from any computer? The Dropbox website also stores past revisions of files which can be retrieved in case you save over an important file or accidentally delete one. Watch this short video for a short tutorial on the service.


Dropbox offers 2 gigabytes of free storage with their basic account. I have used the service for two years and am currently using only 55% of my total storage. There would be no need for most people to ever sign up for any of the paid plans. But if you sign up from the following link and you will receive an additional 250 MB of storage for free. So 2.25 GB of free storage with instant access from your school or home computer or your mobile phone. Not a bad deal, huh? Have you said to yourself at any point while reading this, “Wow! I wish I had been using this all along!” Well.. what are you waiting for?

Download Dropbox for 2.25 GB of free, synchronized storage.






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