Wanna fix high gas prices? Reduce your demand!

A mug for everyone who ignores their rampant consumption of fossil fuels, yet whines about the price. I’ve seen a surge in the amount of “gas strike” events and groups on Facebook lately. They’ve always been around, and, foolishly, people continue to remain oblivious to the fact that their central premise is seriously flawed.

Gas will not become cheaper by not purchasing on a certain day.

Gas will not become cheaper by not purchasing from a particular company.

Wake up, people. This is not how gas will become cheaper. The goal should not be cheap gas anyway. The goal should be to use less gas. In fact, that’s the best way to see gas prices go down: stop using so much of it.

On another note, suspending gas taxes will not solve the problem. If there is any positive effect, it will be minimal at best. If you shave 25 cents off each gallon, you know what you get? That’s right. Gas that’s $3.25 instead of $3.50. What a savings! Have you forgotten when gas was less than $1 per gallon? I certainly haven’t.

The biggest thing on the roads used to be conversion vans then the minivan. And when you saw one, it was full of people. Today, car lots can’t mark down SUVs enough to move them. It seems that people have started to wise up a bit.

Reduce your usage. How?

  • Don’t drive so much!
  • Carpool (that means ride with other people)
  • Use public or campus transportation
  • Ride a bicycle
  • WALK!

I know that goes against a lot of the very things that make us American, and I’m sure at least one person reading this will consider me unpatriotic. We have to stop wallowing in excess and create real change if we ever hope to see an end to this problem.

The saddest part of me writing this is knowing that the “DON’T BUY GAS ON ____” groups will have doubled in size by tomorrow.