Did you know…?

  • Slugs are gastropod molluscs and are descended from snails. Over time, the necessity of the shell was reduced in some species to become either nonexistent, small and unnoticeable, or internal.
  • Slugs are vile creatures that will destroy a garden or other beautiful plants in your yard.
  • Slugs, though composed primarily of water, will not pop, no matter how long you hold a lighter to them.
  • The mucous slugs produce to protect their disgusting insides turns to the consistency of rubber cement when a flame is applied. Mass extermination of slugs with fire could produce the world’s next great adhesive. (100% organic!)
  • Salt does not immediately kill a slug but causes it to die in slow, torturing agony. This method should be used whenever salt is available. Keep small restaurant packets in your pocket for such occasions.
  • People who defend the disgustingness of slugs hate freedom, kittens, apple pie, and everything you hold sacred.
  • Slugs were invented by Satan as a way to add disgustingness to the planet Earth.
  • Destroy slugs whenever you see them. Animals that depend on slugs for food are not doing a good enough job and must be forced to expand their menu.
  • If you are an invertebrate biologist with a raging one for slugs, do not speak to me. Unfriend me.