Think Better, Speak Better, Be Better
15 Styles of Distorted Thinking
Avoid cognitive distortions that may skew the perception of your self, your relationships, and your world.
Spotting Fake Science
Be a more critical consumer of information by knowing the good from the bad.
List of Cognitive Biases
A more complete list of the various biases that we employ and fall prey to.
Logical Fallacies Visualized
To be clear, you should avoid using these arguments.
Another List of Logical Fallacies
You can never be too aware of them.
List of Common Misconceptions
The tongue doesn’t have separate taste zones. Most of us were likely told several of these by a person in authority.
50 Sophisticated Words You Should Use
Having a limited vocabulary is as bad as like whatever.
The 10 Stuff-Ups We All Make When Interpreting Research
Not everyone makes these mistakes, but enough do to make life difficult.
Writing Resources
Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Purdue OWL site is the best resource for academic formatting.
Grammar Girl
Quick and dirty tips regarding many common errors in English expression. Educate yourself to set the best example possible for others.
Common Errors in English Usage
A quite expansive list of commonly confused/misused words and phrases.
Webcomics and Humor
A must-read for the academically minded (read: nerds)
Very hard to describe. Read a few before you decide to love it or hate it.
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Dark humor three panels. There’s something for everyone.
Cyanide & Happiness
Webcomics and short videos featuring simply drawn characters.
Existential Comics
It’s Philosophy 101 in comic form.
Extra Fabulous Comics
There’s just no telling what you’ll see.
Married to the Sea
Olde tyme lithograph-style illustrations with hilarious captions
Usually safe-for-work. Oh yeah, did I mention most of the others aren’t?

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