Gas Prices = $LOL

So, it’s officially the 16th and, boy, am I happy! I really wanted to buy gas yesterday, but sound economic theory was at work during the good ole “American Gas-Out.”

Anyway, I drove down to the nearest gas station to see what gas prices were like now that we bankrupted the oil industry. Gas was 15 cents a gallon! I was filling my tank up with delicious refined petroleum and some bum came up and started cleaning my windows and begging for change. It was an oil executive! Turns out he lost his job after the Exxon-Mobil corporate headquarters collapsed due to the coherent arguments and economic reasoning of high school facebook users across America.

After I filled my tank, I went in to get a Mountain Dew and I got a free quart of oil with it, because apparently the stuff is free now. I’m sure glad the free market works like that. I mean, come on, like do the math and stuff.

10,000,000 people x 1 car x $75 x 2 gas stations x 85,000 facebook groups = Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for the evil oil industry

Geez. It doesn’t take an economistry class to do simple math.

Never underestimate the power of large numbers of stupid people with a “share button” to accomplish absolutely nothing with flawed methods and logical fallacies. By the way, before you click “share” on anything, check¬†¬†first.

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